Indian River County loses one of its best



David Nolte courtesy of Florida Association of Proprty Appraisers.

To say I was shocked to learn that Dave Nolte had passed away is an understatement. He was one of those ageless benchmarks of our community’s success that you don’t think of in finite terms. He held an important position as Property Appraiser yet was free of the controversies and political intrusion – and he held that position for almost 40 years. As he has said, it was a job he loved and no one can doubt how good he was at it. Just two years ago, he won re-election against a formidable challenger, but at age 73 he prevailed. Again.

I’ve known Dave as a fellow Kiwanian since I returned to Vero in 1987. We worked on projects together for many years and although we were never close friends, he was always a pleasure to be around. I had a number of interactions with him and his staff that were always positive because he had the facts available. When the issue of short term rentals had people fired up a few years back, his position on the impact of neighborhood property values helped to put it in perspective.

We will miss his dedication and expertise. I am not saying someone could take that job and become just as successful. But how long will it take for us to decide that person is as good as Dave? Ten years? Twenty years? Certainly more than a single four-year term. Property Appraiser is a position that directly affects all of us in a very real way and David Nolte will be a tough act to follow.


  1. He was a ‘keeper’. We were fortunate to have him in that chair for as long as we did. My heart goes out to his family.

  2. The community was blessed to have David in the Property Appraisor position for all those years. My heart goes out to Michelle and his family during this very sad time and may he rest in peace.

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