Gifford Youth Orchestra Plans Family BBQ June 15


Members of the Gifford Youth Orchestra string section.

The GYO was started in 2003 to focus on teaching music to children in the county whose families could afford neither lessons nor instruments.  The Orchestra provided them both at little or no cost and still does.

“We’ve taught hundreds of children how to play string instruments,” Dr. Bujol said.  “But we’ve helped them in other ways, as well.  Music is a building block that empowers students to step up in all their other classes,” she says.  “All our students who’ve been with us until high school, graduate.  And those who graduate high school go on to college.  Our kids grow into responsible young people who get on in the world.”

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun, she says.  A lot of the children coming to the GYO’s Community Barbecue are going to be young musicians.

For more information about the GYO visit and see our facebook page.


  1. I thought the article was about the Gifford Youth Orchestra — the GYO! I thought the article was written to encourage people to support the Gifford Youth Orchestra’s upcoming fund raising event — the BBQ in June. But by using a photo of Freddie Woolfork with children from the GYAC I am concerned that some people will think our organizations are connected. As wonderful as the GYAC is, the GYO – Gifford Youth Orchestra is an independent youth empowerment program. It provides cultural arts education for children and families that otherwise would not have access to affordable music education and instruments. Children as young as age 3 are enrolled in the Gifford Youth Orchestra. To provide this specialized training, the non profit GYO must employ specialized music teachers and purchase violins, violas, cellos, and keyboards. The BBQ is a fund raising event to support this program that helps keep children off the street and on the stage! The GYO has something in its name that is unique; something not found in any other non profit program for young people in Indian River County. That is the letter “O!” The “O” stands for orchestra. We are the GYO — the Gifford Youth Orchestra! I hope people will realize that we are two different organizations doing good work for children and support the G-Y-Orchestra’s BBQ!

  2. This story is only about the GYO, not the GYAC. I think you are referring to the “related” stories at the bottom of the page, which could be anything related to Gifford and education.

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