April Fool’s?



It is interesting that Governor DeSantis finally decided to issue a stay at home order – on April Fool’s Day. Is it a sad joke? Actually, here in Indian River County, most people have already stayed at home for about two weeks now.

If you drive by the Vero Beach Municipal Airport, you will see dozens of cars parked on grass across from Sun Aviation. I was told these are all rental cars left by commuters.

Hmmm. Are the commuters returning to their cities up north to stay at home there? Are any of  them going to New York? Does that mean they are coming back?  Wherever they are coming back from, I hope they will be tested if and when they get here.

I also hope all those people working at Piper Aircraft will be tested, too. There’s too many cars in the employee lots for social distancing inside. On the one hand, I am happy so many people are working and producing face shields. That helps our fight against this dread disease. They must be making them for the entire country based on the number of cars.   On the other hand, so many people working together these days can’t be good for their health or their family’s health. I hope those workers also get to stay at home as the Governor has ordered.

Which brings me back to the first point. Is this all an April Fool’s joke? The stay at home order is the right thing for DeSantis to do, even if it might be too late for many others who didn’t take it seriously because he didn’t. Does this mean he is now taking this coronavirus pandemic seriously? I took it seriously about two months ago, but what do I know. I just follow the news every day. I also like to watch the comedians on the Comedy Channel, HBO and Fox News, but I don’t take them seriously.

Anyway, I’ve been at home for a few weeks now and beginning to see my life flashing before my eyes. That’s why I am bothering you. I hope you and your families are home safe like mine. I placed my first stay at home order last Thursday and Publix delivered it on Sunday.


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