Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative to Merge with The Learning Alliance


Mothers get reading tips during Family Engagement Night at Fellsmere Elementary School

The Learning Alliance (TLA) today announced a merger with the Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative (KRC) effective April 1, 2020. Including KRC within the TLA organization will help establish a continuum of services for children from birth to eight years old in Indian River County.

“This merger will allow both organizations to better focus their combined resources in preparing children for school by uniting under a single umbrella,” said Ray Oglethorpe, Chair of TLA.

The Board of KRC formally asked TLA to consider merging KRC into TLA in a September 23, 2019 letter to the TLA Board. TLA investigated the opportunity and subsequently determined that the combination was not only a strategic fit but would actively advance the mission of TLA and our Moonshot Moment campaign to ensure that all children are reading for kindergarten and that 90% of children are reading on grade level by the end of third grade. The integrated model will lead to a more efficient use of resources to make a significant impact to improve literacy in ages 0-8 county-wide.

Barbara Hammond, CEO of TLA said, “KRC’s mission aligns with ours, and the merger will ensure accelerated outcomes and more efficiency in existing services for children from birth to 8 years old. KRC’s collaborative model in service of the Moonshot Moment mission, will expand our reach within our Moonshot Community and also support the ongoing work of our common local partners to create greater impact for children and families in Indian River County.”

Dr. Fran Adams, Chair of KRC and member of the Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) said, “KRC was formed to support children before they enter kindergarten and for the past six years has worked side by side with TLA and many other nonprofits in the County to develop a family-centered, high quality early education system. We on the KRC Board and in MCAN are excited that these two organizations will combine to create an even more compelling model.”

“Our team is extremely proud of the strides we have made in the last two years in Indian River County, particularly in Fellsmere and Gifford. The prospect of reaching even more families and preparing little ones for kindergarten as part of TLA is very exciting,” said Dr. Nivea Torres, Executive Director of KRC.

About The Learning Alliance (TLA):

The Learning Alliance (TLA) is dedicated to creating a culture which enables 90% of third graders to read at grade level. It provides backbone support to the School District of Indian River County by providing after-school, summer, and tutoring programs for County students and professional development and coaching for teachers. It also provides backbone support to our community leaders through the Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN), a group of 125 organizations working to advance literacy in Indian River County in service of our Moonshot Moment campaign. Finally, TLA has a fleet of mobile vehicles that travel to local communities and families to provide books and literacy experiences in communities where people live.

About Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative (KRC):

KRC works as a backbone organization that connects local families to innovative solutions that ensure their children are prepared to start kindergarten. This goal is achieved by meeting people where they live through the KRC Family Connection Centers. KRC connects more than 40 social service organizations to families to help improve kindergarten readiness and their quality of life. KRC will continue to serve in these capacities and as a clearinghouse of information about best practices in early childhood development and system coordination.

For more information about TLA, KRC, or MCAN visit our websites:, and

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