Biology & Brews – Biology Everywhere virtual book talk and signing


Melanie Peffer

Join us for Biology & Brews on Thursday, July 9 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.! In this virtual happy hour event, Melanie Peffer, author of Biology Everywhere will be breaking down the science and biology of topics like fermentation, re-usability, biodiversity and de-extinction.​ Pour yourself a glass, sit back and relax while learning about the book, Biology Everywhere and the science of everyday life. Attendees may purchase a book online prior or during the event at 

Biology Everywhere was inspired by conversations I’ve had with students, family, and friends about fear of science. So many times I’ve heard people say “I’m not good at science” “I don’t think I can understand this” or my personal favorite, was the student who told me “I have learned to hate science,” Melanie said, “The Biology Everywhere philosophy that is the foundation of my book and all of my outreach efforts is that when biology content is presented through the lens of our daily experiences and in connection with other disciplines, then not only is it more engaging but also helps build confidence to engage with biology. The Biology Everywhere philosophy is about empowering people to engage with science and biology, a critical skill as we as a society are faced with decisions regarding everything from COVID-19 to conservation to new policy surrounding cutting edge genetic technologies.”

Melanie will be signing and personalizing the books live. This will be an interactive virtual event with Q&A throughout the hour. This event is FREE for ELC Members and $5 for non-member tickets. Click HERE to become a member for free admission.

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About Melanie: Dr. Melanie Peffer has a BS and PhD in molecular biology from the University of Pittsburgh and completed a postdoctoral appointment in learning sciences from Georgia State University. She holds a research faculty appointment at University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Peffer combines her expertise in molecular biology and the learning sciences to study how people learn, understand, and engage with biology content. In particular, she’s interested in how we can use educational technology like simulations and serious games to assess what people know and believe about the nature of science knowledge. Melanie recently published Biology Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Everyday Life, which focuses on where we see applications of biology as part of our everyday experience.


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