Free Live Oak, Bald Cypress trees and more available at Audubon House


Free Live Oak Trees, Bald Cypress, Mahogany, & Dahoon Holly available at Audubon House 195 9th Street SE (Oslo Road) Vero Beach, Fl.

Nursery Hours: Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday from 9:00 – 11:00AM

Native plants are available that will bring nectar, seeds, berries, and insects to attract birds and butterflies to your yard! We have distributed over 14,500 native trees and plants!

Our “100,000 Trees for Life” project is a collaborative program being sponsored by the Pelican Island Audubon Society (PIAS), Environmental Learning Center, Indian River Land Trust, Indian River County Health Department), the University of Florida/Indian River County Extension Service, and 20 other partners.
Planting trees in our county saves energy by providing shade and wind breaks to our homes, cools our neighborhoods, cleans our storm water, provides the oxygen we breath and removes carbon dioxide, ozone and other greenhouse gases, and air pollutants from our air, preserves the soil, save our water bills, provides food and habitat and an healthy ecosystem for our birds, fish, and animals, provide us with materials for tools and shelter, makes paper, maple syrup, chewing gum, crayons paint, soap, dyes, medicines, provide jobs, and better health.

For the health of all citizens:
• Trees provide food for people and wildlife including birds – increasing the biodiversity.
• Kids on tree-lined streets play outside more – less ADHD, asthma, obesity, and less damaging sun rays.
• Adults are more likely to walk, know their neighbors and enjoy better health
• Property values of homes with trees in the landscape are 5-20% higher
• One acre of trees produces oxygen for 18 people daily and eliminates CO2 equivalent a car driving 26,000 miles.
• Studies show low or moderate-income properties, treed landscaping reduces crime by 50%.
• Trees and shrubs reduce noise pollution by acting as buffers.

For economic stability:
• Shaded roadways save 60% in maintenance costs over 30 years
• Green business districts attract customers, increase property values and increase worker satisfaction.
• Strategically placed trees around homes/business can cut cooling costs 30-50%.
• Potable water is a serious future problem. Shade from trees slows evaporation requiring less irrigation.
For the health of the environment including the Indian River Lagoon:
• Stormwater carries oil and gas pollutants. Trees over hard surfaces reduce stormwater runoff by 12%.
• Trees reduce soil erosion which forms muck if washed into the lagoon.
• Odors and pollutant gases such as CO2, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, ozone are absorbed by trees.
• Tree canopy helps to reduce city temps of the heat effect of streets, parking lots, rooftops by 10%.
• By converting lawn to trees and shrubs, fertilizer and herbicides may be reduced

Working together we can make our World a better place and save our Manatees, Fishes, Butterflies, Ourselves, and our Grandchildren.

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