Fellsmere police officer shoots charging bull


Wednesday,  Officer Jeff Gibbs (ID 1301 on radio recordings) of the Fellsmere Police Department was dispatched to the Sonrise Villa’s Apartments at 53 Sonrise Place in Fellsmere to investigate the report of a bull running loose in the complex and that it already charged one person.

That person, identified as Nicholas Seuderling (772-713-0814) called 911 to report the bull. Seuderling said he was waiting for the GoLine bus at the bus stop on N. Willow Street in front of the apartment complex. Seuderling said he was texting on his cell phone and when he looked up, the bull was “staring him in the face”. Seuderling said he immediately got up from the bus stop bench and ran in to the Apartment Complex area. He said the bull chased him so he hid behind a tree and watched the bull continue east in to the complex. He also told 911 dispatchers that there were numerous middle school aged children congregating near the entrance to the complex. Continue reading…

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