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  1. Mark and Milt,
    While I know your focus is Indian River County you might want to alert folks about a statewide issue that has not received any local coverage. In actions related to the bogus videos of Planned Parenthood Gov Scott ordered an investigation of the organizations in FL. The draft report came back that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood’s FL affiliates. So Scott, typically, had the pertinent language deleted and instead inserted some irrelevant language about PP violations that turned out be baseless. This kind of pandering and outright obfuscation is too typical of those who pursue a political agenda, regardless of the facts or the impact on citizens.

  2. Bob, Thank you for calling this story to our attention. I have posted a link to a relevant editorial published in the Tampa Bay Times. The Times is far the state’s best newspaper. With Scott, and with most of his fellows on the far right, nothing surprises me anymore.

  3. Vero Beach is a part of the South Florida organization. There annual fundraiser is going to be at the Kravitz Center on March 2nd. The featured speaker will be Wendy Davis who was the Texas legislaturer who filibuster the right wing law to deny women medical care. In response to the false claims the Planner Parenthood is going to change its organizational structure so that women in Central Florida would become a part of a chapter identified as from the East Coast to the West Coast of Florida.

  4. Mr Schumann,
    As much as I enjoy the new format, I have to say you seem to be taking a backseat when it comes to reporting on local politics. In the past, I relied on you for providing me and the Vero community with critical opinions regarding local politics. Lately, there seems to be very little discussion about that. Please don’t tell me FPL and the Shores paid you off too!! Our community needs a balanced conversation when it comes to the schenanigans of our city council, and we look to you for that perspective. Please don’t let us down, we are counting on you.

    John Ryan

  5. John, I appreciate your interest in better coverage of local politics. The short answer is that lately I have been spending much of my time traveling the country working on a project documenting homelessness. Somehow the growing homeless crisis seems more pressing to me that the rate the relatively well off are paying for electricity. Besides, the electric sale is a done deal. Soon, though, I will be offering reporting on efforts by Val Zudans and others to sell off and/or privatize city assets. Before last November’s election, I accurately reported that Zudans would pursue such an agenda. He claimed my reporting was “fake news.” Voters either chose believed him, or they did not care. The bottom line is that people get the government the deserve. I don’t know what to say for a community where in nearly every public place where a television is on it is tuned to Fox “News.” People believe what they want to believe.

  6. In the article about Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers, the address listed for donations is incorrect. That address was the old office in the mall. We have not been there for years. We are currently located at :
    Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers, Inc.
    1872 94th Drive – C140
    Vero Beach, FL 32966
    Russ Marcham
    Tip Coordinator

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