Reisman pleads ignorance


In response to a reader’s questions about the Press Journal’s failure to publish a headlined story reporting on Florida Power & Light’s proposed $1.337 billion rate increase, community news editor Larry Reisman today claimed he cannot keep track of everything the news team does.

Reisman indicated the Press Journal depends on the Associated Press to report stories of statewide importance. He went on to suggest that because information about the proposed rate hike is available on the Internet, the Press Journal has no responsibility to inform its readers of FPL’s plans.

Finally, Reisman wrote, “There’s no way the media can cover every story that happens.”

Interestingly, FPL’s proposed major rate hike has been reported by the statewide press, but not by the Press Journal.  Reisman, who has long championed FPL’s expansion efforts, has a lot to say about what he perceives to be the shortcomings of Vero Electric and the Florida Municipal Power Agency. In fact, Reisman has gone so far as to call on the Legislature  to force a breakup of the FMPA.

But when is comes to FPL’s rate increases, or its losses before the Florida Supreme Court, Reisman, the Press Journal’s self-appointed utility expert, remains silent.

Could it be that Reisman is under a gag order? After all, Press Journal Publisher, Bob Brunges, is married of an FPL vice president involved in the company’s acquisition efforts.




  1. Just goes to show you if you can’t come up with the truth, use a lame excuse that no one could possibly believe!!

  2. Reisman is wrong when he says the Press Journal has no responsibility to inform readers of FPL’s plans.($1.337 rate increase). Wrong on all counts,the Press Journal does have the responsibility to report events that will impact large segments of the area’s population. Reisman can make all the excuses he wants(we understand his tenuous position),but we know the Press Journal will never report a negative story about FPL. The reason they won’t print a negative story is because the president and publisher is married to an FPL Vice President. And remember a $1.337 billion rate increase is a negative story.

  3. The Press Journal’s reporting on anything to do with the Vero Beach Power production business is arrogantly ignorant and bigoted. Reisman’s excuse is pathetic. The Vero Beach patrons of the Press Journal deserve far better Larry.

    The biased performance of the PJ with respect to all things related to Indian River County electrical power is disgraceful. It is difficult to believe that you missed a single negative story or rumor about the COVB Power Plant in the last decade. Now you deliberately withheld two momentous stories from your readership to deliberately mislead the community.

    Dereliction by a derelict paper. Indian River County deserves better.

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