Press Journal columnist Larry Reisman: comedian/journalist gone ‘wacky’



In John Oliver’s most recent segment of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” the comedian/journalist and his team presented a troubling, yet accurate report on the decline of community journalism.

With newspapers cutting back on original reporting and investigative reporting, in preference for “tweets” and banal commentary about the most trivial of subjects, this is a great time for local politicians given to corruption and cronyism, for no one is watching.

One “journalist” who often finds himself in the thick of thin things is the Press Journal’s Indian River County opinion columnist, Larry Reisman.

In his latest “deposit,” Reisman ragged on Indian River County Commission candidate and Vero Beach Mayor Jay Kramer for using a picture in a campaign mailer of green algae.  Kramer’s use of a stock photo of algae Reisman called “wacky.”

According to Reisman, algae in the Indian River Lagoon is green in Martin County and brown in Indian River County. Likely, the difference in the colors is do to the runoff from his columns. Reisman’s fixation on the color of the algae in the lagoon is truly humorous. Without intending to, Reisman, like Oliver, has become a comedian/journalist.

In Kramer, at least the public has a politician who cares about doing something to address the Lagoon crisis. In contrast, Kramer’s opponent, Bob Solari, successfully led the County Commission in its decision not to cooperate at a regional level to address what is fast becoming a ecological and economic disaster for the region.




  1. Mr. Reisman is using the same Trump tactics – change the subject – move it from actual focus of algae to the color of it. Mr. Solari changes his mind–first on enlarging the boat ramp at east end of Oslo Rd–he was okay to forego that. Then, he revised his decision by continuing with permitting ‘just in case’. Mr. Kramer doesn’t horse around. I’m with John Wester–also am missing Russ Lemmon.

  2. The average person does not care if the algae is green or brown Both are not good for our lagoon. Reisman will do anything he can to portray Kramer in a negative light. Reisman is not a comedian but a sad joke.

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