First ever rugby training camp held at Historic Dodgertown

2016 ATAVUS Men's Residence Camp, Vero Beach Florida
2016 ATAVUS Men’s Residence Camp, Vero Beach Florida

ATAVUS Rugby, a leader in rugby training and tournaments, wrapped up a week-long training camp at Historic Dodgertown, and despite heavy rains earlier in the week, gave a thumbs-up for the condition of the fields, meeting rooms and overall experience.

“We had all the tools we needed for the players to succeed,” said camp director Matt Trouville, who said ATAVUS chose Historic Dodgertown after researching all the best facilities. Trouville, originally from Sydney, Australia, is a member of the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Rugby is the fastest-growing team sport. In the United States, there are more registered rugby players than anywhere in the world.

ATAVUS utilized the 100 yard x 130 yard multi-purpose field for most of their training and scrimmages. Evening meetings and seminars were held in the Jackie Robinson room and the weight room was utilized for additional conditioning.

Players 18-years-and-older came to the camp from all over the world, including South Africa and Japan, and nationally from as far west as Seattle.  ATAVUS created a professional, international environment for aspiring young men to determine if they are qualified to play on the national level. ATAVUS holds camps nationwide, and players from those camps were selected to participate at the Historic Dodgertown session. 

As the sport of rugby is growing, so is its influence in other sports, Trouville explained.

 ATAVUS teaches a tackling technique that is being noticed and incorporated in collegiate football. Rugby players do not wear helmets, so they teach the players to lead with their shoulders. More football teams are taking that style and seeing results, Trouville said.

 Historic Dodgertown is an 80-acre sports, meeting and conference center, traditionally holding camps and tournaments for youth, adult and professional baseball, softball, soccer, football and lacrosse. With the fast-growing sport of rugby now having experienced this professional designed facility, the terms “pitch” and “strike” now have dual-meanings here.

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