Indian River Shores money may swamp Vero Beach’s municipal election


Shores officials and residents determined to control of the Vero Beach City Council are reportedly seeking to raise as much as $100,000 to support candidates Laura Moss, Lange Sykes and Norman Wells. At least two emails were sent last week by Town residents Bill Grealis and John McCord soliciting contributions of $1,000 each for Moss, Sykes and Wells.

The three candidates Shores residents are supporting in the Vero Beach City Council election were introduced last week by Shores Mayor Brian Barefoot as members of the “Shores team.”  Barefoot indicated that he expects Moss, Sykes and Wells will, if elected, agree to sell Vero Electric Indian River Shores customer base for $17 million less than a group of five experts determined the City needs to keep from causing higher taxes and higher electric rates for everyone else.

The three “Shores team” candidates in Vero Beach’s City Council election are running against candidates Sharon Gorry, Randy Old (incumbent) and Tony Young.  Gorry, Old and Young have all said they support the sale of Vero Electric to Florida Power & Light, but all have questions about a so-called partial sale that would disadvantage the remaining customers.

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  1. If we the voters in Vero Beach react only to the number of signs and political ads on TV, radio, newsprint, and social media, then we haven’t done our homework. Will not be swayed by ‘carpetbaggers’ from outside the city nor by promises that are unattainable.

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