Will elected officials be sued?



Bea Gardner
Bea Gardner

I have to ask you folks in Vero Beach this question. Are the citizens taking to the streets protesting that the newly elected Council members are NOT their representatives? Being that I live in Ohio and all I am seeing on the TV is protesters all over the country saying that Donald Trump is not their President, I ask this question about Vero Beach?

All I can say is elections have consequences and sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. The country is a divided Nation, and that is a fact. As we can see by the looks of the electoral map, Donald Trump had the support of most of the area on the map and Hillary Clinton had the support of the more progressive and liberal heavily populated areas of the country like California and New York. And, we all know who won. Continue reading…

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  1. Bea, What you have written about the divide between the island and the mainland is, I think, generally true. We will see how the recount turns out tomorrow, but at least based on the preliminary results, Randy Old actually did better than Lange Sykes on the barrier island – 1512 to 1443. Old also did better in Precinct 25, which votes at Our Savior Lutheran Church on 6th Avenue. There Old received 484 votes to Sykes’ 455. However, In precincts 19 (Trinity Episcopal), 23 (Unity Church), and 24 (Unitarian Universalist), Sykes received a total of 146 more votes than Old. We cannot know for certain, but I suspect the print advertising, robo calls and mailers sent out by the political action committee funded by Indian River Shores residents and FPL made a difference in the vote. The fact that this was a general election worked as an advantage to the Shores and FPL. They were able to mislead many mainland voters who typically do not vote in municipal election into choosing candidates pledged to work against the best interests of the people of Vero Beach.

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