Winger sees hope for power sale


Following last week’s announcement by the Florida Municipal Power Agency that it is now proposing a price at which Vero Beach can exit the

Jim O'Connor
Jim O’Connor
Richard Winger
Richard Winger

joint action agency and sell its utility to Florida Power & Light, Vero Beach City Councilman Richard Winger wrote City Manager Jim O’Connor urging the City to begin renewed negotiations with FPL.

“Selling the entire utility is what we must do,” Winger wrote, adding, “Full speed ahead!”

Winger is calling on the Utilities and Finance Commissions to move quickly to review and asses the FMPA’s tentative offer of $108 million.

“It would look like the number can now work,” Winger wrote, citing the structure of the original purchase an sale agreement.  He pointed out that some of the value in the original deal was assigned to costs FPL would have to have paid to upgrade transmission lines and to decommission the power plant. Because the City has already taken on those costs, Winger suggested FPL’s cash offer can now be higher, thus helping the City to afford to exit the FMPA.



  1. This is, ( already) a ‘done deal ( given de makeup if the current ‘Town Council’)!

    Regards, Gator

  2. The motion to study the concept of the Partial Sale was “to be in the context of a full sale …” according to Mayor Moss. You will find that in the record. We must therefore assume that the preferred action is to execute the full sale and permit all the residents of Indian River County to enjoy(?) the ~10% lower rates of their new power provider, FPL. Splitting out 10% of the Vero Beach market to the advantage(?) of a small fraction of the County population would appear on the surface to be unconscionable.

  3. Vic, Perhaps you could attend the next City Council meeting and ask Moss why she is working so hard to force the Finance Commission to not offer review or advice on the proposed partial sale. Personally, I suspect Moss’ priorities and actions have much to do with the fact that Indian River Shores Brian Barefoot is pulling her strings. (Moss was, after all, introduced by Barefoot as being “a member of the Shores team.”) Today, Moss forced a postponement of next Monday’s Finance Commission meeting. Since the City Charter does not give her, or any other council member, the authority to direct the Finance Commission to explore or not explore a specific issue, Moss instead attempt d to orchestrate putting off the Commission’s next meeting until after the Feb. 21 City Council meeting. At that Council meeting, Moss may seek support from Harry Howle and Lange Sykes to more strongly direct the Finance Commission to not review the proposed partial sale, and to not offer advice on the deal. Acting without proper authority Moss is giving direction to staff, and in doing so is acting in clear violation of the City Charter. It appears City Manager Jim O’Connor is not inclined to stand up to Moss. Moss appears to out of control, and her usurping of authority needs to be brought to light before she completely destroys morale in City Hall.

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