Vero Beach should coordinate Lagoon efforts with regional, One Lagoon group

Editor’s note: Richard Winger is a member of the Vero Beach City Council.


The next City Council meeting is Tuesday May 2nd at 9:30am. Between now and then, I need your help to rally support for the Indian River Lagoon. The City of Vero Beach must participate in the holistic approach to the Lagoon.

A formal call from me for consideration at the next City Council will be forthcoming for all City of Vero Beach Indian River Lagoon projects to be submitted to One Lagoon.

As I said at City Council April 18th, our City and our County need be whole-hearted participants in One Lagoon (formerly named the 5 county Indian River Lagoon Council).  We must realize, as Senator Nelson has said, it takes each and every local government along the Lagoon, working together with state and Federal agencies, to do its part to save the Lagoon.

The small projects envisioned in “The Legacy” project, are something I support, but apart from a coordinated regional effort they will make minimal improvement.  These small Legacy projects won’t help even a fraction as much as fixing the major problem of storm water runoff in the City.  However, all effort helps, and will benefit the Lagoon much more if they are a part of the holistic One Lagoon effort. I am requesting at the next Council meeting that the Legacy projects be submitted to One Lagoon, and I am suggesting they be brought to One Lagoon’s STEM and Management meetings. We went over that procedure for this at the April 18th City Council.

Please share this information with your friends and everyone you know who will support the holistic approach. Small fragmented efforts are not the correct path. A united effort means the Indian River Lagoon can and will recover.  One Lagoon is the only path for saving this unique environmental treasure and the City of Vero Beach needs to be a part of the total solution.




  1. If the lagoon is to be improved a strong unified program is imperative. Every city and county along the lagoon must buy into the cleanup or any effort to improve water quality will fail.

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