With election approaching, councilman urges city residents to ‘be engaged’


Tony Young

Dear Friends, Family & Supporters, Vero Strong! We have another storm in the books. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible our hometown is in good times and in tough spells. We are speeding through the months. The work never ends but that is a good thing. Here are some items that are on my radar.

Hurricane Irma recovery is going in a deliberate responsive manner. Your city was proactive with the multiple efforts necessary to absorb the storm impact. We learn from every natural disaster. But your understanding, resilience and generosity played a major part in keeping the potential harm to a minimum. Hurricane season runs through November. Please stay alert and plan accordingly.

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan is important. I have been amazed at the energy generated around the review. The participation has complemented the effort centered on the Vision Plan. Our goal is to provide a transmittal resolution in order to forward the required policy to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. We have made enormous progress as a community since the 1992 version. We will retain the character of Vero Beach we love and protect the right to local governance. The plan affords an essential construct to address critical issues from neighborhoods to historical sites and water management. We should conclude any amendments and send it to Tallahassee. It is overdue 17 years. Paralysis from analysis is lethal bureaucratic gridlock. The Cultural Arts Village initiative depends on this moving forward.

November 7th is Election Day. We have only half dozen weeks until then. There are six candidates running for two seats. Growing up here, I am passionate about fostering the spirit that makes us exceptional. We are blessed with enormous bounty measured in human, natural, economic and spiritual resources. Be engaged and help those that are dedicated to sustaining those foundations. Irma was a reminder. Despite our differences, we all call this stretch of coastal Florida home. Together we make it a reflection of our toil and dreams. Your worries are my concern but your triumphs are my joy also.

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