The public deserves the truth, not deceitful, misleading, last-minute attacks



Jay Kramer

During this political season, you’ve likely been receiving a lot of negative mailers from candidate supporters who have been rewriting history in order to twist the truth and damage reputations. It’s appalling. And I’m writing to set the record straight because you deserve nothing but the factual truth. On one publication, the question is asked “Has anyone seen our rates lowered?” — to which they answered “No.” The actual truth is “YES, we have!”

During my term as Mayor in 2011, rates were lowered from $117 per 1000 kwh to $114. The subsequent Pro-Sale council members, took over and actually RAISED the rates to $130 per 1000 kwh! Then, during Dick Winger’s term as Mayor, we successfully lowered rates AGAIN and had plans to lower them even further, but the new council chose NOT to lower the rates, even though this much-needed rate relief could have been easily done. It’s what we are OBLIGATED to do! These “history revisionists” suggest that I initially ran as a pro-sale candidate.

Not so! I ran as a “get-questions-answered, then-make-a-responsible-financial-decision-to-sell” candidate. (please see the Aug. 30, 2010 Press Journal article). Understand this: I have never been out to “kill the sale,” as the negative campaign people would like you to believe. I have always been a realist who CAREFULLY measures the facts and who supports lowering our rates for the everyone.

As far as allegations with FERC, again if those making unsupported claims would have bothered to read the letter, they’d find my concern was over the lack of competition for this deal. With numerous other utility companies beating FPL pricing, why shouldn’t we have asked them to bid? This process has been criticized from every direction. The very idea that council members should not talk to anyone at FMPA is crazy. In fact, talking to FMPA members has led to the renegotiation on the OUC contract, which is saving us $11 million annually! (and they think this is bad?)

You know, it’s so easy, so convenient, for some opponents to reinvent history to fit their message in the absence of facts. I have been, and always will be, for lower rates. History actually proves this. This election, you have a choice. You can choose to fall for the deceitful negative-mailer fabrications, OR you can elect someone with experience who will lower rates. Someone who is dedicated only to Vero Beach. On

November 7, it’s my hope that, for the sake of the city we strive to preserve, you measure the facts carefully and choose to vote for the truth.

Editor’s note: Jay Kramer, a candidate for the Vero Beach City Council, was recently the subject of a last-minute attack leveled by the wife of another candidate, Val Zudans. through a letter to the editor published by the Press Journal. According to Kramer, Press Journal has received, but has yet to publish his rebuttal to Zudan’s accusations.

One comment

  1. Since most publications stay in business because of advertising, I am assuming certain advertisers have made it clear what they expect from media in return for their ad dollars–a slant that shows their candidate(s) in favorable light. All I know is I can look Mr. Kramer in the eyes and know he will answer my questions honestly after having researched the subject. His honesty and experience are two reasons I’m willing to trust him to preserve the essence of Vero Beach while assuring us it is in step with the Twenty-first Century.

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