From Italy to Vero Beach: Trieste musicians perform classics

Piano and Recorder ‘Music Becomes Elixir’ February 24
Stefano Casaccia and Roberta Bortolin  from Trieste, Italy will perform a free recorder and piano concert. For more information, call toll-free (855) 252-7276. photo courtesy Roberta Bortolin


Two classically trained musicians from Trieste, Italy will present a free concert on the piano and recorder at 7:00 PM on Saturday, February 24 at First Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach.  Sponsored by the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, Music Becomes Elixir at 520 Royal Palm Boulevard will feature recorder virtuoso Stefano Casaccia and a repertoire highlighting some of opera and operetta’s most beloved works.  Stefano Cassaccia completed his studies of Ancient Musical Instruments in Venice and has held over a thousand concerts since 1971.  In 1991, he was presented with the prestigious award of the Italian Society of Recorder. 

For Music Becomes Elixir, Casaccia will be joined by Italian pianist, Roberta Bortolin, in a program that showcases their years of international experience. 16 years a piano professor at the International School of Trieste, Bortolin performed locally in 2015 as one-half of the Bortolin Duo, dazzling audiences with a concert of four-hand piano with her sister, Tiziana. The dynamic Saturday evening performance will feature works by Offenbach, Bard, Lehar, Rossini, Verdi, and more. For more information, call toll free to 855-252-7276 or visit  

Space Coast Symphony Orchestra Conductor and Artistic Director, Aaron T. Collins, is delighted to sponsor Music Becomes Elixir by the two Italian musicians.

“Both Stefano and Roberta are masters of their instruments; they have tremendous international performance experience and a vast repertoire,” said Collins. “We are so pleased that they are in Central Florida right now, out of all the places in the world. This concert is free, but a generous donation for these fine musicians will be much appreciated.”

ABOUT STEFANO CASACCIA –Stefano Casaccia, born in Trieste, completed his studies of “Ancient Musical Instruments” at the Conservatory “B. Marcello” of Venice with Peter Verardo. He studied among the most famous European specialists of flute and has held over a thousand concerts with great success and critical acclaim since 1971, playing in Italy, Central and Northern Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. Stefano has been part of numerous radio and TV broadcasts and for 30 years was a member of the prestigious ensemble “The Madrigalisti” of Venice, which brought the music of Monteverdi and Vivaldi to the world.  He is the founder of the baroque “Complesso Nova Academia” and the “Complesso medieval- Renaissance Nuovo Ricercare”. He also plays in the “Blue Art Ensemble” with the composer and pianist Silvio Donati, as well as in other important musical groups. Among the major awards are two Awards “Venezianello” with the Madrigalisti of Venice (1981) and the Nova Academia (1996), and the award of the Italian Society of Recorder (SIFD) at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (1991).  Given his demonstration of high skills in the arts with the “Madrigalisti of Venice”, the European Commission has given him the title of “Ambassador for Europe in the European Cultural Festivals” between 1998 and 2002.

ABOUT ROBERTA BORTOLIN– Roberta Bortolin started studying piano at age four, at the same school attended by the famous composer and pianist, Franz Liszt. Her studies lead to many concerts both as a soloist and in piano duets with her sister Tiziana. Roberta participated in various national competitions and also took up the oboe, with tours throughout Italy and Europe. She founded the “Amadeus” music school in Monastier Treviso, where she held the position of president, piano professor and director.  While teaching, she continued to perform concerts both in Italy and abroad as a soloist and with her pianist sister, as well as with her violinist son. Roberta spent 16 years as piano professor and head of extracurricular musical activities at the International School of Trieste, where she specialized in teaching particularly young students. In recent years, Roberta has begun to combine her love of music with other arts such as painting, and poetry; discovering the bond that develops between the harmony of music and the human psyche.

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