VB Museum of Art has IT position opening

The Vero Beach Museum of Art has an IT Coordinator position available. The job description follows.

If you are interested or know someone who might qualify for the position at one of the area’s leading cultural centers, please contact Sophie B. Wood at sbwood@verobeachmuseum.org

Job Description: IT Coordinator
The IT coordinator is responsible for managing and maintaining the day to day operations of the museum’s computer, network, website and telephone systems, implementing IT security measures to protect museum data, and advise on planning and budgeting for future needs.

Technical Responsibilities:
• Management of the museum’s Data and Voice networks.
• Manage, maintain, and troubleshoot all museum technology including, but not limited to; Computer Workstation and peripherals, cellular phones,        firewalls, and network equipment.
• Maintain Microsoft Active Directory Users and Groups and assign security permissions to users as required to perform job while protecting                    company  data.
• Train staff in use of existing, future, and new technologies that are required to perform necessary job functions.
• Maintain integrity and security of all company data, archives, and back-ups.
• Communicate with staff on a daily basis to understand IT needs and resolve IT problems.
• Provide technical support to employees and staff in aid of museum activities.
• Identify and monitor technological trends and evaluate their value to the museums current and future goals.
• Research and recommend strategies, policies, and procedures to maintain and upgrade museum workstations, servers, network equipment and               other technology.
• Assist with the maintenance of all CCTV and Intrusion Monitoring systems, including updates to firmware and equipment as required.
• Create and maintain documentation on network design, location of network closets, and purpose of each server.
• Organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance without interrupting the flow of business.
• Backup and Install current updates to WordPress based Website.
• Maintain a detailed knowledge of industry best practices.

Administrative Responsibilities:
• Develop and maintain a current and 2 year projected budget to ensure cost effectiveness by forecasting requirements for all network, PC, server             equipment and cloud services.
• Manage and act as primary contact for all technology related service providers, contracts, and vendors.
• Manage technology replacement projects and hardware upgrades.
• Assign and track technological equipment issued to employees.

• Maintain inventory of all technology equipment including make, model, serial number, cost, purchase date, and projected lifespan.
• Maintain all domain names, software licensing and legal compliances, such as PCI.
• Build and maintain updated and efficient computer systems and networks to optimize the role of technology on business sustainability.
• Play a central role in helping staff and managers define and implement the Virtual Museum as discussed in the museum’s strategic plan. This is a            long term goal.
• Provide technical support, performance and maintenance for the VBMA website (e.g. backup).

Functional Relationships:
Reports to the Executive Director. Works with Executive Director to ensure the museum maintains compliancy and all company goals are met. Advise museum executives on all technological matters as requested. This position is classified as Exempt/computer professional.

Minimum 2-year degree and proven office experience in Technology Management or related field, or equivalent experience in Server and Network Administration. Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) or Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) preferred. Must have experience maintaining Microsoft based networks and servers and a full understanding of Domains and Active Directory. Also familiar with Macintosh platform and software. Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and excellent troubleshooting capabilities.

Key Skills:
Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Group Policies, Security, Management, TCP/IP, Data Networks, Phone Systems, VLAN, Wi-Fi, Budgeting, documenting, SQL, Backups, CCTV, PCI Compliance, WordPress, Project Management, Office 365

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