Lines in the Lagoon fishing tournament


The fifth annual Lines in the Lagoon Junior Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday, September 29 in all three Treasure Coast Counties.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the health of our endangered Indian River Lagoon. This tournament brings together young people who are passionate about making our waterways clean and safe for all marine life. By drawing attention to this urgent cause, then we might truly make a difference in saving the Indian River Lagoon for future generations.


Lines in the Lagoon is a fishing tournament planned by and created for youth. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the decline of the health of the Indian River Lagoon and to give area youth a way to be involved, to be part of the solution to help save it.

This annual event is open to all the youth in the community and will hopefully help educate participants about sport fishing as well as the lagoon in a fun atmosphere. Here are the meeting places, both with starting time of 7:00 a.m.:

Vero Beach- White’s Tackle, 3006 Cardinal Dr, Vero Beach, FL  (772)492-6203

Sebastian- Captain Hiram’s Restaurant, 1580 US-1, Sebastian, FL (772)388-8588

At the end of tournament, prizes will be awarded at a FUN casual dinner (dress: flip-flops and shorts). The dinner and other fun activities will be held at: Capt. Hiram’s Resort at 1580 U.S. 1 in Sebastian that evening from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Registration is $25 and includes the dinner and evening activities.



Because of its unique geographical location, the Indian River Lagoon is one of the most bio-diverse estuaries in North America and home to over 2100 species of plants and over 2200 species of animals. It provides habitat for the most diverse bird population anywhere in America and nearly one third of the nation’s manatees live or migrate through the lagoon annually.

It also serves as the spawning grounds for over 700 species of ocean and lagoon fish and shellfish populations. Ocean species of fish that spawn and mature in the Indian River Lagoon range as far north as the Chesapeake Bay.

The lagoon is an important economically as well. The total estimated annual economic value of the lagoon is $3.7 billion, supporting 15,000 full and part-time jobs and providing recreational opportunities for 11 million people per year .


With no significant industry to blame, the documented decline of the Indian River Lagoon can be traced primarily to non point source pollution. Storm water runoff, sewage spills, leaky septic tanks, fertilizers and pesticides are just a few of the suspected sources of pollution.

Present day efforts to identify sources of pollution rely predomi- nately on hand sampling that only provides a snapshot of the area sampled. This information is then distributed to the public in formats that are often difficult for non-scientists to understand.

The Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)

 is working to change the way information is obtained and presented. Monitoring and mapping pollution are the best ways for us to understand all of the attacks on our diverse water habitats so we can find the right solution for each environmental challenge. By using the science-based technologies, that ORCA has developed to identify pollutants, they can be controlled or eliminated and nature can be restored. 

  Coastal Conservation Association of Florida (CCA Florida) 

is a conservation association working on behalf of recreational anglers and their interests. The organization supports many habitat restoration projects including the establishment of a marsh grass planting program that increased the frequency of the current mangrove planting projects in the Indian River Lagoon. 

Anglers For Conservation

is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire new generations of marine stewards through education, conservation, and community outreach. 

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the help support the research ORCA is conducting in the Indian River Lagoon. All three organizations are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations and contribution made for this event are tax deductible as allowed by law. 

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