Was Tammy Bursick’s fate determined at the September 20 Canvassing Board meeting?



The sudden disqualification of City Council candidates Linda Hillman and Brian Heady on Tuesday, September 11, led to Hillman’s filing of a lawsuit on September 17. That in turn led to the Canvassing Board meeting of September 20. The Canvassing Board consists of three people: City Attorney Wayne Coment, City Manager Jim O’Connor and City Clerk Tammy Bursick.

That meeting was called to defend the Legal Department’s decision to disqualify Hillman and Heady. Instead, the Board voted 3-0 to re-qualify Hillman and Heady, asking City Council to set a date.

Wayne Coment

That led to the October 2 City Council meeting where Council voted against holding a special election.

That same day, October 2, City Attorney Coment announced his retirement.

Tammy Bursick, City Clerk.

Now Councilman Val Zudans has called for City Clerk Bursick’s termination based on her handling of the Hillman/Heady issue. He had earlier asked her if she was going to resign or retire.

That is two out of three members of the Canvassing Board who decided to re-qualify Hillman and Heady.

Reads like an episode of The Zopranos.





  1. Zudans is an eye doctor—–Right? He cannot see beyond his nose. I believe that he was the one that caused the problem. Fire Zudans—–how bout a recall on him?

  2. Let’s look at it this way. Tammy has been in charge of the candidate applications for, what is it, 30 years? She has been the model of faithfulness to the Officers, Council and codes of the COVB forever and has always operated with great decorum. Never do I recall anyone finding fault with Tammy’s performance or actions.
    Hillman and Heady both testify that they clearly signed their residence certifications.

    Zudans has been here one year and has been less than an altar boy often. It has been reported on this site that Zudans and Bass had access to the applications immediately before the incident and had temporary custody of the applications. Zudans himself reported the omission. Why were they in those files unless they were up to no good. Also reported is that every one of the candidate applications had omissions as well, why weren’t all the applications invalidated? Not equal justice.

    Why is only Zudans, the man who was in the file, the man who reported the missing signatures, and the clearly partisan councilman, calling for Tammy’s resignation? Why don’t we ask the officers across the street to inspect the applications? Perhaps Tammy’s, Linda Hillman’s / Brian Heady’s finger prints are not on their residence certifications. Perhaps only Bass and/or Zudans finger prints are there. This has great potential to be a crime. Time for a proper investigation.

    I’d love to hear what Wayne Coment has to say about all of this.

  3. I agree there appears to be something rotten in this situation, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the way Tammy conducted herself or the Clerk’s Office. Am more than a little upset about “B & Z” and their behavior.

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