Are dissenters against Hillman settlement agreement violating its terms?



Linda Hillman

At tomorrow’s City Council meeting, Councilman Laura Moss plans to make her case, presumably, that a special election

Laura Moss

(scheduled for February 26, 2019) wasn’t necessary because Linda Hillman should never have been re-qualified at the September 20 Canvassing Board meeting.

This follows Councilman Zudans’ recent bad-mouthing of Hillman on social media, faulting her for the $25,000 cost to taxpayers. In both cases – Zudans and Moss – they had voted against the settlement agreement reached between the City and Linda Hillman.

But the settlement agreement was approved by City Council, with or without the approval of Zudans and Moss. One stipulation in that agreement was that “No party admits fault.” Although it does not specify that “no party shall blame the other,” most reasonable people would assume that should be understood.

Moss would naturally be opposed to a special election since she won the November 6 election. In our opinion, she should have recused herself from any vote in this suit brought by Hillman since she was competing with Hillman for a seat on the Council.

Val Zudans

Zudans opposed the special election because, well, he has indicated by his behavior that he is opposed to anything “Linda Hillman.”


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