Ok, are you in or out?



The day we signed a contract with FPL to take over our electric system is the day we started to think about what happens next with the “Big Blue” power plant property on Indian River Boulevard and 17th Street. And what about the water treatment facility adjacent to it that is slated for removal in the next few years? There is also a third property across Indian River Boulevard that was once the post office annex. Now we need to think about all three of these sites, a total of 38 acres collectively known as the Three Corners.

Will they become recreation areas? A  shopping district? A new city center? Or some combination, because 38 acres is a very large tract of land. To put it in perspective, it is large enough for a typical residential subdivision of more than 100 homes, along with a park, pool, boat dock, and a Dollar Store. No, just kidding.

Fortunately, nothing can happen on any of those three corners without your approval, since most of the 38 acres are protected under the City Charter. That means whatever ends up there, it must first be approved by Vero Beach voters in a referendum. The point is, you have the opportunity to help determine what goes on those 38 acres – as long as you take that opportunity. You can begin the decision-making process by simply clicking on this link (click here). It will take you to a new website, speakupverobeach.com.  There you will read all about the public charrette, just starting up this week. What is a charrette? It’s not a game where you try to guess the title of a movie while your neighbor goes through contortions trying to give hints. A charrette is an intensive planning session where citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development – in this case the Three Corners properties – that allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan.

That means you can be part of the process. So go and click on speakupverobeach.com now and see what this charrette is all about, including a survey and a schedule of activities where you can participate, including a tour of the Three Corners properties.

If you don’t participate, you can’t complain about the final result your neighbors helped determine while you were playing charades.






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