LRJF writing group success: 6 books in 10 months

news release

Dr. Jacque Jacobs of Vero Beach begins her retirement years as an author and publishes a book series “” based on her early life memories in the Smoky Mountains.  The author’s novel series has received multi- star reviews and this endearing and entertaining six-book series was written in ten short months. 

Jacques Jacobs

Where does one get such inspiration and drive?  Certainly, the “safe space” inside the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation writing group called the “Tuesday Writers” has helped to grow and to nurture Jacque Jacobs as well as many other budding writers gathered inside the LRJF Writing Center on 1914 14th Street in Vero Beach.  

They refer to it as a safe space because fellow writers only offer constructive ideas for improving each other’s stories.  In addition to the LRJF “Tuesday Writers,” a group of 5-12 people, several other writing and poetry groups have sprouted. 

The LRJF “Porch Poets” have met for more than ten years, quite literally outside on the porch of the LRJF historical Florida Cracker-Style home which is open for tours on Tuesday afternoons (and the second Sunday of the month November-May) and is located next to Brackett Library on the Indian River State College on Mueller Campus in Vero Beach.

The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving the author’s home and nurturing local writers through a series of literary offerings including writing groups, summer camps, workshops and poetry festivals.   More information can be found at

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