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The Vero Beach Choral Society will offer two performances of a concert entitled Mass in Blue on Saturday, April 29, and Sunday, April 30, 2023,  both at 4pm in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church at 520 Royal Palm Boulevard in Vero Beach. Admission is free; the suggested donation is $10.

Due to the popularity of the group, whose last performance hosted over five-hundred audience members, for the first time ever the Choral Society will present two performances of their current repertoire. The featured selection, Mass in Blue by Will Todd, features soprano soloist Makilah Slaughter. The work itself was commissioned in 2003 by Hertfordshire Chorus of London and written for the composer’s wife, soprano Bethany Halliday. Since that time, the work has become firmly established in the choral repertoire as an upbeat jazz setting of the Latin Mass text. Upon seeing the premiere performance of the work, Joss O’ Kelly of the Bucks Herald from Aylesbury, UK, said, “Mass in Blue was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening: each movement was set appropriately to its content – gospel and blues for the Kyrie, lots of brass for the Gloria, a haunting ballad for the Agnus Dei, and a return to the upbeat Credo for a grand finale.” This work presents some of the most challenging contemporary repertoire offered by the Vero Beach Choral Society to date, and will include a full instrumental jazz ensemble for accompaniment.

Musical Director for the Vero Beach Choral Society, Dr. Jacob Craig, is also the Director of Music and Arts at First Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach. “This work provides a unique  challenge to the group as it utilizes traditional jazz harmonies and mixed meter,” says Craig. “Many choirs have not had the opportunity to understand or experience the techniques involved with singing in this style, and Will Todd has done a truly masterful job in creating an exciting work.” The full program for the entirely jazz-themed concert also includes I’ve Got Rhythm by George Gershwin, and Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. Surely, you won’t want to miss one of these performances.

The Vero Beach Choral Society has been making beautiful choral music and thrilling audiences since its formation in 1984. It is an auditioned, community-based, and intergenerational ensemble that performs choral art music from the Renaissance through the 21st century. From concerts in Europe to the prestigious Carnegie Hall, the VBCS has continued to grow and outperform itself, as it remains committed to making a difference through its music. The Choral Society tagline encapsulates the reason for its very existence: enriching the community with music, education and inspiration.

For more information, please contact Joanne Alexander at, or call (305) 797-7177.

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