Sykes, Wells candidate profiles reference party affiliation in “nonpartisan” race

Editor’s note:  Based on an email Norman Wells sent the Press Journal this evening, it appears that he did not provide the political party designation information presented in his candidate profile on  Addressing the Press Journal’s Rich Campbell, Wells wrote, “Your candidate section has listed my party affiliation as republican and I am running a non partisan race for the City of Vero Beach and I have no party affiliation. I have not provided your paper or staff with any info on my candidacy. Your staff must have pulled the info from some place and put  it on my profile in error. Please remove it and make sure the it shows no party affiliation. I like to run a clean honest campaign. Thanks for fixing this. Norman Wells”


Vero Beach City Council candidates Lange Sykes and Norman Wells both signed oaths titled “Candidate Oath – Nonpartisan Office,” thus both men would presumably be aware it is against Florida election law to make reference to one’s party affiliation in non-partisan elections, (except to list positions held).  In answers provided, Sykes and Wells listed their political party affiliation, while the other four candidates did not specify their political party membership.

When Harry Howle ran for City Council in 2014, he mailed out a post card touting himself as a “Regan Republican.”  Howle was later fined by the Florida Elections Commission.

It would appear the elections shenanigans have just begun.

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