What should I recycle? There’s an app for that

news release

The logo of Indian River County government.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old fluorescent light bulbs or an old yoga mat? Do you ever get confused about whether an empty juice carton or potato chip bag belongs in the recycle cart or the garbage cart?

There is now an app for that!

Indian River County has launched CARTer’s Corner, a Solid Waste Disposal District (SWDD) tool, aimed to assist residents with their waste disposal questions. This service is now available via a mobile app, as well as on the SWDD website at http://www.ircrecycles.com. Residents can download the app directly to their mobile device from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

“CARTer’s Corner will make life easier for Indian River County residents to find information on specific materials within seconds,” said Sue Flak, Recycling Education and Marketing Coordinator for the Solid Waste Disposal District. “Residents can now simply type the name of the item into the mobile app or website, like ‘pizza box,’ and receive special instructions on where it should go. The application will also provide drop off location information and upcoming calendar event information.”

Flak further explained that the name “CARTer’s Corner” was chosen for the app because the recycling mascot is aptly named “CARTer” to reflect the blue carts that are used for recycling.

“CARTer is the face of recycling in Indian River County, so it only makes sense that he is the face on the mobile app,” said Flak.

The county hopes that the CARTer’s Corner app will help educate residents on recycling best practices and eliminate confusion at the cart.

For More Information Contact: Sue Flak, SWDD Recycling Education and Marketing Coordinator, 772-226-3206, sflak@ircgov.com

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