Old clarifies comments about management of Vero Electric

Editor’s note: Vero Beach City Council candidate Randy Old issued the following statement today clarifying his position on the City’s capacity to manage a $100-million-dollar-a-year electric utility business.

Apology Necessary: To the Staff and Management of Vero Electric

I wrote an article entitled “Update on The Sale of Vero Electric” that came out in the last couple of days and it said “Vero has proven that it cannot run a utility” and I meant that the complicated task of running a $100 million utility business was too complicated for a City Council that turned over every couple of years. It needed a structure of people who knew the business, a Utility Authority, or a consulting agreement with a Utility Management Company who could help the City Council make good decisions. In no way was I criticizing the City of Vero Beach employees of the utility, in fact I should have commended them for putting up with our community for the past 10 years while this keep/sell debate was raging and jeopardizing their jobs. I have spent a good deal of time talking to staff trying to understand the situation, rode around with Ted Fletcher just after the last hurricane, and have tremendous respect for him, Tom Richards before him, and his whole unit. I was criticizing City Council people like me, not knowledgeable people in Vero Electric. My apologies.

See Old’s original statement: Old sees power sale closing in 2018

One comment

  1. Thank you, Mr. Old. I was planning to contact you to ask about that comment. Glad you explained it to us. Mr. Phil and I have high regard for those who work for COVB Utilities–including power. I surely do cringe at the thought we will be dealing with FPL in the future. You are right about the City Council, in my opinion. We look forward to having someone on the Council with a cool understanding of what would be most helpful for the City, its residents, those outside of the City who receive services, and all who visit.

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