Heady outlines position on power sale, other issues


Editor’s note: Brian Heady is a candidate for the Vero Beach City Council.  Nov. 7 voters will chose among 6 candidates to fill two seats on the Council.


Brian Heady

Generally speaking I believe:

1. The sale of our electric utility should be an open bid / purchase offer process inviting any viable utility to bid or make offer.  Analysis of all bids and open discussions by advisory committees.  No break up of system prior to that process. 

2. Any new plan for development or change in any codes should have a review by City Council with their additions or strike outs incorporated and then a vote.

3. Twin pairs parking temporarily by simply a restripe of lanes with parallel parking in one lane of each direction downtown.  If it works then a permanent solution.

4. No sale of ANY city real estate assets without a review of financial consequences.  

5. No further erosion of city owned assets.  

6. City police ABSOLUTELY favorable to any takeover by county sheriff.  

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