Winger questions Republican Executive Committee’s sponsorship of ‘crucial meeting’


“On ethics, transparency, transportation and infrastructure Moss has earned the grade of “F.” And for its endorsement of Moss last fall the Press Journal editorial board deserves an “F” as well.”


Richard Winger
Laura Moss – Self-described “Queen of Vero Beach.”

Recently, the Indian River County Republican Party Executive Committee, which is closing its doors and claims to be unable to find new office space to rent, sent out an invitation seeking attendance for what it described as a “crucial meeting.”

At that meeting City Councilwoman Laura Moss plans to peddle a bizarre conspiracy theory about how revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan were written by “nameless bureaucrats” outside of Vero Beach. Moss, having apparently fallen under the spell of activist Phyllis Frey, sees all manner of ghosts and goblins hiding in proposed revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

In an email directed to the head of the Republican Executive Committee, of which he is a member, Councilman Richard Winger argued that Moss’ claims are “pure fiction.”

“Why are you sponsoring this false position? Why are you doing that instead of getting the fact, which are 180% opposite,” Winger asked.

Ironically, when the Press Journal endorsed Moss last fall, the “local” newspaper gave her high marks for her positions on transportation and infrastructure and on her ethics and transparency.

Instead of championing these issue and of practicing transparency, Moss, who has been described as “a member of the Shores team,” and who received 70 percent of her campaign funds from Shores residents, has attempted to assume the role of a monarch. In addition to embracing Frey’s fears of United Nations domination of Vero Beach, Moss has attempted to negotiate in secret the terms of the sale of the sale of the City’s electric utility. She has also withheld public documents until Florida Power and Light officials were ready for her to release them.

Moss rejects transportation proposals in the Comp Plan.  She has claimed to be the “Queen” of Vero Beach. She has taken up Council time relentlessly attacking her fellow Council members. She has has gone around her fellow Council members in attempting to direct the work of the City’s charter offices – the City Clerk, the City Attorney, and the City Manager. Moss has also approved a budget for the City that leaves infrastructure maintenance drastically underfunded.

On ethics, transparency, transportation and infrastructure Moss has earned the grade of “F.” And for its endorsement of Moss last fall the Press Journal editorial board deserves and”F” as well.

The next time voters consider the merit of a Press Journal endorsement, they might do well to consider the fact that most of the members of the Press Journal/TCPalm editorial board are clueless about what is happening in Vero Beach.

Following is Winger’s email to the Indian River County Republican Executive Commitee…

From: Winger, Richard []
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2017 12:59 PM
Cc: Bursick, Tammy
Subject: Inaccurate

Why are you sponsoring this false position?  

Why are you doing that instead of getting the facts which are 180% opposite. 

The below is Pure fiction?  

Why don’t you have the City Manager clear all the misinformation at this meeting?

Mrs Moss voted with the other 4 members of Council to amend and send to the State a non-binding first draft document required under State law. Mrs. Moss has had over 2 months to amend this now and Council has said it will accept her further amendments in the weeks before Nov 7.  

The Charter is supreme.  This has no effect on its provisions.  Beyond that nothing happens.  City Councils make local law indepently of this draft.

Further inaction hurts our neighborhoods and City residents/voters.  It puts the local party in a very bad position with these voters.  They will remember and vote against us.

Is the Republican Party of Indian River County now saying Federal and State law are to be disobeyed?  How is that different than San Francisco? 

Richard Winger

17th Precinct member of Executive Committee


  1. Unbelievably idiotic behavior on Mayor Moss’ part……paranoia of this type does not lead to anything except negativity and inability to work together for the good of our community! Ridiculous! I’ve had it up to HERE with this type of craziness. Unless Republican Party gets control of these weirdo types, there will be an exodus of some long-time members.

  2. Thank you Mr. Winger for providing the people of Vero Beach a degree of sanity in an otherwise bizarre world known as Vero politics. Our esteemed Mayor seems hellbent on applying stong-hold tactics when it comes to anything related to growth and progress for our fair city. She thinks
    secretive government agents are actually controlling our quaint, little town and will one day turn it into a high-rise ghetto. Really? Time-out folks! Let’s step back from this madness and assess these half-baked tirades as just that; a half baked story with half-baked truths. I’m confident Mr. Howle, Mr. Sykes and Mr. Young are wise enough to make good decisions on their own. Decisions that will benefit our community, not divide it. But I’m not so the same can be said for Ms. Moss. Leaders should lead by example, not by bully tactics.

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