Civic clubs now outlets for Moss’ misinformation campaign



This flyer was recently passed out at a meeting of the Vero Beach Rotary Club. Moss and company seem determined to use every means possibly to spread unfounded fear and anxiety.

If someone told me Councilwoman Laura Moss, activist Phyllis Frey and some of their friends with the local Republican Alliance for American Greatness visited Roswell, New Mexico in search of unidentified flying objects, the news would come as no surprise. Moss, Frey and their RAAG friends are, after all, given to embracing the wildest of conspiracy theories.

Recently, RAAG, (a club within the Indian River County Republican Party), sent out invitations encouraging attendance for an event at which Moss is to peddle an unfounded theory she and Frey have concocted about how revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plane were somehow written, not by City Staff and by members of the Planning and Zoning Board, but by outside consultants and bureaucrats connected with United Nations Agenda Twenty 21.

In addition to being wrong about the authorship of the Comp Plan revisions, Moss and her friends are making claims about implications of the Comp Plan revisions that are simply not true.

Now they are taking their misinformation campaign to local civic organizations, including the Rotary Club. The only good thing that can be said about Moss and friends spending their time entertaining themselves with conspiracy theories is that it gives them something to do in retirement.

The downside, of course, is that they are doing harm by using misinformation to stir up fear and anxiety, and in doing so are taking advantage of local civic organization, like the Rotary Club, which exist to do good.



  1. How long before Moss and company put forth the actual sources of their accusations? Facts – facts – and more facts…..or hush up!

  2. The facts are available in the 400-page Comprehensive Land Use 2035 POLICY Plan to anyone willing to read.

  3. Indeed, the facts are there in the plan. However, your paranoid interpretation of the facts is another matter.

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