Florida Power and Light building $3.9 million Tallahassee office

Editor’s note: In order to gain access and influence, Florida Power and Light gives millions of dollars each year to the campaign accounts of members of the Florida Legislature, as well as to the web of political action committees and electioneering communications organizations supporting these politicians. FPL so dominates Tallahassee politics that the Tampa Bay Times editorial board recently described the Florida Legislature as “a wholly owned subsidiary of FPL.” Now FPL is building an office in Tallahassee, perhaps to be able to better look after its “employees,” the members of the Florida Legislature.


Florida Power and Light Company — the third largest electric utility in the country — plans to erect a three-story office building in downtown Tallahassee next to City Hall.

Proposed for South Duval and West Jefferson streets, the building could cost about $3.9 million and be completed by fall 2018. The first floor will be primarily parking and storage. The second and third floors are designated for office, conference and meeting space. Continue reading…

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