City Council got the message


Editor’s Note: Dick Winger is a former three-term City Councilman and Mayor.

Richard Winger


Thank you so much for coming to this week’s City Council and giving them much-needed redirection.   You made a huge difference to redirect this City Council to work for us, instead of against our special way of life.

The actions to take away our Charter protected voice in what goes on the Power Plant and Sewer Land, the action to end the essential services of the Legal Department, and the action to put a brewery in River House at McWilliams Park were beaten back.  It would not have happened without you.

Particularly noteworthy was the presentation of Alma Lee Loy, our first lady of Vero Beach.  Alma Lee has a deep historical knowledge, served as a County Commissioner and continues to give back time and energy back to the community. She has wisely spoken. Please take the time to listen. It was the capstone presentation of many of your fine presentations.  In the link below I especially recommend you listen to all the speakers 3:42 PM to 4:00 PM which includes Alma Lee’s perspective.

Lastly, only three members of the City Council were present.  The mayor and vice mayor were absent.  That is disheartening, given the faulty Budget process imitating deficit spending for five years.  That is disheartening given the moves to sell or lease city property and parks.   It is disheartening given a Council imitative for a referendum to change the charter to allow City Council the exclusive decision on the future use of the Electric and Sewer plant land without your approval or knowledge of what will be placed there.

Vacation is not a plausible excuse for absence because The City Council schedules the meetings well ahead of time and can easily schedule the meetings to avoid personal vacations.   City Council should have two August meetings, instead of the truncated one meeting, given the concerns we the people have.    Are some members of Council hiding from us?

The meeting was long and here is the link to the second half.

Please continue to communicate with City Council and pass your thoughts on the issues to them by e-mailing the City Clerk.

Dick Winger


One comment

  1. They are hiding from the public .Too bad the two absentees didn’t have the courage to face the citizens of Vero Beach. Both know how the majority of our citizens feel about these important issues; they also know they are in the minority on this and other critical issues.
    The council should be working night and day to solve the budget mess which seems to be beyond their abilities.

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