Indian River County School Board Elections

School board map.

Editor’s Note: The following news release from the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce includes interviews/responses with all candidates for the upcoming school board election. No incumbents are running for reelection so this is an opportunity to review the backgrounds and qualifications of each candidate. You can access the responses by clicking on each candidate’s name.


The leadership of the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce believe it is important to have an educated electorate.
Our Government Issues Committee asked all Indian River County School Board candidates to provide us with their bio information and to respond to 5 questions prepared by our Committee. School Board candidates will appear on the primary election ballot. Below are the names of those candidates. Click on their names to view their responses.
The information provided to us by the candidates is being published prior to mail-in ballots being distributed by the Supervisor of Elections, and twice more before the primary election. Candidate responses are exactly as they were submitted to the Chamber.
Three I.R. County School Board District seats are up for election: District 1, District 2 and District 4. Candidate responses to our questions are below by the numerical order of their District, and then by the last name of the candidates in alphabetical order.
District 1 Candidates
District 2 Candidates
Ruben Bermudez, Jr.- This candidate did not respond

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