City Council race gets ‘curiouser and curiouser’



Among the many questions that have arisen since the disqualification and subsequent re-qualification of Linda Hillman and Brian Heady is the question of what constitutes a violation of Section 30 of the Code of the City of Vero Beach. For instance, both of these candidates were disqualified because of missing signatures on one page of the 12 page candidacy filing forms.

Yet, the candidate, Robert McCabe, did not print or type the name of his Campaign Treasurer and it was signed with an unrecognizable scribble. Doesn’t that constitute a violation of Section 30 and cause for disqualifying Mr. McCabe?

Also, both candidate McCabe and candidate Robert Brackett’s applications are not date stamped. They could have been filed after the last filing date of September 7 with signatures back dated. This does not mean it necessarily happened that way, but without a City Clerk’s date stamp, who knows? Clearly, it is not the candidate’s responsibility to date stamp their documents, but it is their responsibility to ensure the forms are properly filled out and submitted under Section 30. So maybe both McCabe and Brackett should be disqualified.

Finally, the Affidavit form is two pages and the signature line appears on the second page.  While there is not necessarily an order in which the forms are copied and placed on the City’s website, it seems odd that Hillman’s Affidavit signature form is the only one of all the candidates where a page without a signature is the very last page out of 12. Was it inadvertently left off the forms that Hillman completed or was it replaced afterwards?

So, more questions are raised about the candidates in Vero’s City Council election. As Lewis Carroll would say, this gets curiouser and curiouser.


  1. Hi Milt. You’re on the right track.

    Now the question is: if a minor mistake on the paperwork disqualifies a candidate from running, how should we handle current or past elected council members who also had minor mistakes on their application papers?

    Were they ever legitimate counsel members? Should their past votes on civic matters be nullified?

    The obvious answer is for us all to calm down, quit sweating the small stuff, and move forward.

    Thanks. Nick.

  2. If McCabe was disqualified, there would only be three qualified candidates and we wouldn’t need a City election at all.

  3. I can’t believe this is happening in Vero Beach. It seriously looks like things are not the way they should be in the city.

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