No referendum, at least for now


Val Zudans

In a meeting that many citizens of Vero Beach saw as a call to action against the proposal to conduct a referendum without any input from the public. Originally, most citizens expected a charrette conducted by a professional company and participated in by those very citizens, from which a plan would be developed for what is current known as the three corners properties on 17th Street. Instead, that process was short-circuited primarily by Mayor Zudans to approve holding the referendum without public input and doing it this November although nothing can happen on these properties for at least a year for the power plant and three to five years on the water treatment plant. Vice Mayor Young immediately challenged the process for discussing the topic because of last minutes changes to the wording on this agenda item.  Council member Moss was also opposed to this process.

Many people spoke, not one of them in favor of this short circuit approach. Then Councilman Brackett came out against rushing into this and Councilman Howle also agreed. So the decision was made to discuss the subject again at the next Council meeting, including reviving the charrette issue that had been originally planned.



  1. Mayor Zudan’s high speed plan for a referendum was opposed by fellow council members: Young , Moss, Brackett and Howle. This was a victory for the citizens of Vero Beach and a clear signal that Zudan is not acting in the best interest of our citizens with his illogical opening remarks concerning Big Blue. In essence, he said you can do it my way or become like Fort Pierce :Faulty logic to say the least.The question is WHY THE RUSH? We ,the people, can not be left out of the process and we deserve to have unlimited input before final plans are made.
    Her are just a few remarks :”Go slow” ,”ill conceived”,Everybody against it”,”Do not like the process” ,”Where’s the plan?” There was plenty of more along these lines, but you get the idea.

  2. My thanks to all who spoke out against rushing into anything when it wasn’t advisable. Too many intelligent, knowledgeable people on hand. I just came along to the meeting because sitting at home wondering what was happening just didn’t do a thing for my nerves. Truly grateful that cool heads prevailed.

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