Is this Zudans’ ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to irreparably hurt the City’s finances before he leaves office?


Mayor Val Zudans


Val Zudans will leave office in little over a month so he must be seriously thinking of his legacy to the citizens he is supposed to represent. He tried to remove the Three Corners properties from City Charter protection. Citizens filled City Hall to protest. He tried to sell Dodgertown golf course to a developer. Citizens filled City Hall to protest. He tried to close the Leisure Square swimming pool. Citizens filled City Hall to protest.

So now he wants to ‘discuss’ ending the City’s Enterprise Funds. The Enterprise Funds (water and sewer, solid waste, airport, marina) have provided revenue to the City for years, keeping taxes among the lowest of any Florida municipality while maintaining an excellent level of service to its citizens, for which Vero Beach is well known and respected.

If you look at the agenda for tomorrow’s City Council meeting (pictured below), you will see that under CITY COUNCIL MATTERS, item 3, he calls for an “informational discussion about creating a City policy to gradually phase out transfers from Enterprise Funds to the General Fund and then prohibit future transfers once the transition is complete — requested by Mayor Val Zudans.”

We know from past experience that when Zudans proposes a ‘discussion,’ it can lead an attempts to force a ‘decision.’







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