To Vero Beach voters: time to save our City


Ken and Deborah Daige


Editor’s note: Ken Daige is a former City Councilman. He and wife Deborah have been active in the community for many years.

You can’t complain about how you are being represented in City Council if you don’t vote! Just review what has happened in the past two years:

– Publicly owned community assets have been downsized or sold rather than safeguarded and maintained.

– The interests of developers have been given priority over your interests.

– City employees who work to protect and maintain your public assets have been demeaned by officials who should respect their efforts.

– Social media has been used to lodge personal attacks against those who oppose their actions.

– Instead of taking action to protect the Lagoon they have rejected or postponed solutions.

– They have done nothing to improve the availability of parking in the beach business district except talk about it.

– Threatened to close the City’s only public pool and convert it into a skate park until citizens rose against them.

– Tried to sell Dodgertown Golf Course to developers until County stepped in to save it.


And this is only a partial list of what has occurred against your wishes!

So what are you going to do about it now that we have the opportunity to protect the City we love?

There is only one thing you can do – vote on Tuesday, November 5!


  1. “– They have done nothing to improve the availability of parking in the beach business district except talk about it.”

    And Bozo mayor and Council of Clowns spent $85,000 of taxpayer money to find out what third graders could have told them, they needed to buy the mini mart property to build a parking garage!

  2. Thanks to Deb and Ken Daige for pointing out the last couple City Council majority’s abysmal policy record and unwillingness to listen and consider the views of their constituents. They were laser focused on reducing government services and even income-producing assets without caring about the value to the community.

    They did not prioritize their City downsizing crusade and arguably may have triggered the early retirement of the city manager and attorney. Further, they did nothing to structurally-reverse the decay of infrastructure, seemingly believing lack of renewal would lead to exiting what they characterized as “the swimming pool, parks or marina businesses. Thankfully, City residents stood up to their assault on our values and treasured community services.

    On Tuesday we elect two new City Council members and have a chance to end the last few years of City governance. Most candidates talk about listening to constituents — how refreshing! In my view, Rey Neville distinguishes himself from the others in several critically important ways:

    1. He has the strongest executive track record of driving complex problem solving, critically assessing options, building consensus and executing.

    2. He is passionate about the existential threat to Vero associated with not addressing the health of the lagoon.

    3. He favors resident consensus-driven repurposing of the power plant and water treatment sites as well as phased revitalization of the Marina.

    4. He has a career track record of fiscal responsibility, making trade-offs and balancing budgets. He has a keen sense of Vero’s revenue vs. expense challenges and the courage not to keep kicking the can down the road on critical infrastructure maintenance.

    Thanks for listening.

    Bob Jones

  3. Most folks we talk to are looking for candidates who will not give away any more public land to private/not-for-profit organizations. These organizations who currently have low-cost leases with the city require memberships to access that public land; the Museum, Riverside Theater, the Rowing Club, the Power Squadron. Only the Dog Park allows consistent access to the park land they maintain. Youth Sailing presented their request before the city council two years ago, under the impression they would be able to section-off public land for their membership. The Rowing Club has done the same. There is a pattern of city council giving public land away or selling it off. Please vote for candidates who respect the will of the voter by protecting public land the voter put into the Charter.

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