Loggerheads have arrived


This season’s first loggerhead nest was laid on April 8, 2020 near Round Island Beach Park marking the start of the 2020 loggerhead nesting season nearly 2 weeks earlier than the 2019 season.

The Sector 5 Beach and Dune Nourishment Project placed 161,260 cubic yards of beach compatible sand, from Vista Del Mar Condos to Riomar, came to completion in February, 2020. Paving the way for the sea turtle nesting season which started on March 1st.

On April 23, 2020 two loggerheads emerged and laid the first nests within the Sector 5 Project area. One nest laid near Riomar, and the other at Tracking Station Park. This is a good sign that the turtles are receiving the newly placed sand well. Sea turtle nesting activities will be continually monitored throughout the nesting season until October 31, 2020. The County holds strict geological standards for the sand used during beach nourishment projects.

As always we are hopeful for a generous nesting season, but the turtles will decide that.

Indian River County
2020 Sea Turtle Nest Count
Leatherbacks 15
Loggerheads 22
Greens 0

As of 4/23/2020

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