Review: Sebastian Nine Nine



Charles Mauti
Pamela Parris
Damien Gilliams

The most exciting TV show this year so far is available on the Sebastian City Council website (click here). The comedy-drama-reality show is set in Council Chambers at Sebastian City Hall and stars Council Members Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris, with Vice Mayor Charles Mauti in a supporting role. All three play the show’s antagonists, creating much of the show’s explosive comedy as they try to disrupt City Council proceedings, hold their own version of the show in which they “elect” Gilliams as the new mayor, fire other city officials, conduct illegal business, get arrested and face an angry mob of Sebastian citizens trying to cancel their show.

The protagonist-adults in this family show are Mayor Ed Dodd, City Council Member Jim Hill and City Manager Paul Carlisle, with support from City Clerk Jeannette Williams, City Attorney Manny Anon, Jr., and most members of the audience.

Highlights from previous shows include:

  • Gilliams and Parris pout and throw tantrums after the State Attorney charges them with perjury and violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law relative to their “show within a show” meeting mentioned above.
  • Gilliams, Parris and Mauti provoke laughs as they try their hands at script writing in one bit where they are asked to complete a 200-word essay on why they should not be recalled from their Council seats.
  • Meanwhile, in an audience participation segment, the citizens must sign up if they want Gilliams, Parris and Mauti recalled. Parris doesn’t help her case with failed jokes about the audience’s weight and something about a bag of carpets.

Upcoming segments will include court dates, disruption of Council meetings, and more. Be sure to stream all this season’s episodes and get your share of laughs, moans, tongue lashings and finger pointings as these three attemptto entertain viewers while pretending to conduct official City of Sebastian business


  1. Great sitcom but like most shows, this one needs to end!!! Sebastian residents are waiting for the season’s finale!!

  2. You are so right! Hopefully, Nov 3 election will return life to normal, the new normal of course.

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