Sebastian City Council “reality show” finally cancelled



Damien Gilliams

Sebastian voters finally put an end to the embarrassing reign of three City Council members, Damien Gilliams, Pamela Parris and Vice Mayor charles Mauti in Tuesday’s recall election. From the time they were elected last November, these three have disrupted City Council meetings with controversial and at times outlandish displays of un-democratic behavior. The tipping point was when they decided to hold their own unannounced City Council meeting after hours to fire key City officials and replace Mayor Ed Dodd with Gilliams. That resulted in the most egregious breach of Florida Sunshine Laws in possibly the state’s history, as well as the successful recall of all three Council members, also possibly a first in state history. Of course, it’s not over until it is over – Gilliams filed an appeal of a previously rejected injunction to stop the recall election. Hopefully, this will be Gilliams’ last windmill.

A humorous review of the turmoil at City Council proceedings was parodied in this Indian River Guardian “review.” (click here)

In their place, voters elected Christopher Nunn, Bob McPartlan and Fred Jones out of a field of eight candidates. They will serve the remainder of Gilliams, Parris and Mauti’s terms, which end November 2021. Ironically, McPartlan was one of three incumbents voted out of office last November when Gilliams, et al. were elected. The upcoming general election on November 3rd will feature four candidates to fill two positions currently held by Mayor Ed Dodd and Jim Hill: Dodd, Hill, Dianna Bolton and Bill Simmons.

Best wishes in 2021 to the voters of Sebastian, who had to deal with this controversy in addition to COVID-19.

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