County orders wearing of face masks

Editor’s Note: True, the County is not requiring everybody to wear a mask. They would have made it mandatory, but they worried about the backlash from coronavirus deniers and limited government advocates, so they only made it mandatory if visiting or using indoor County facilities. The reality is we are experiencing an unprecedented pandemic that is not going away unless we take personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of all our fellow citizens. 


The logo of Indian River County government.

Indian River County is requiring all people to wear face masks in public places effective Monday, June 29th. Details are below.


As Indian River County continues a strategic approach to confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, the health & safety of all Indian River County residents and visitors remains the highest priority of County officials. Therefore, pursuant to Emergency Order 2020-15, effective Monday, June 29th, 2020, all employees of indoor businesses, restaurants, and retail establishments located within unincorporated Indian River County will be required to wear a face mask or covering while working in areas visited by the public where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed. Appropriate accommodations may be made for those employees who are unable to wear a mask due to health limitations. This requirement does not apply to those establishments located within a city or town in Indian River County.
While patrons or customers of the aforementioned establishments are not required to wear face masks or coverings under Emergency Order 2020-15, the Order does not preempt an establishment from implementing its own requirement that face masks or coverings be worn by patrons or customers. Further, Indian River County continues to strongly encourage the use of face masks or coverings by those who visit public places where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed.
Additionally, effective Monday, June 29th, 2020, all individuals who visit indoor Indian River County facilities or utilize the GoLine will be required to wear a face mask or covering. Face masks will be made available to those individuals who enter an indoor County facility without their own face mask or covering. If an individual is unable to wear a face mask or covering due to health limitations, age, or other similar reasons, that individual is encouraged to contact the County department they are planning to visit in order to arrange appropriate accommodations.
For more information related to Indian River County’s local response to COVID-19, please visit and follow the County on Facebook at and on Twitter at @ircgov.

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  1. Why isn’t mask wearing mandatory for everyone. Most counties with high Covid numbers have made it mandatory. Why should anyone be put at risk because of a minority of “Covid “ deniers? Please make mask wearing mandatory! Lives are at stake!

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