Leaping off a cliff does not mean you are flying



Graph of COVID-019 cases in IRC since March

If you look at the latest graph depicting the coronavirus case growth in our county, the best word to describe it is “exponential.” The total is about 60 percent higher than it was two short weeks ago. If you were worried about where all this was headed two weeks ago, you should be downright scared now. These same graphic proportions generally apply to Florida as a whole. Nationally, according to the Worldometer website, the US reported a world-leading 47,341 new cases yesterday alone!

Another interesting statistic bearing on the reason for this commentary, is to look at yesterday’s increase of infections among the industrialized, democratic G-7 countries:

Japan 87

Canada 172

Italy 255

Germany 614

UK 1380

France 1588

USA 47,341

Now to the point. In general, the most advanced countries address the coronavirus as a health issue, not a political one (UK and US the exceptions). They took the necessary steps (isolation, testing, distancing, masks) and as a result, their infection and death rates decreased substantially. We are today experiencing an exponential outbreak because we have made this a political issue, trying to open the country up without adequate testing, encouraging large gatherings and denigrating face masks. Thus, the exponential increase.

It reminds me of an author I admire who many years ago used this analogy: a group of prehistoric people wanted to fly like a bird, so they built a dugout canoe, pushed it to the edge of a cliff, several climbed in and were pushed off. As they hurtled down to their death, their friends looked on in horror, but the people in the dugout were delirious with joy because they thought they were flying.

Are we joyously flying off a cliff as our scientists look on in horror?





  1. Hi Milt. The word “denigrate,” which you use without understanding, means “to blacken, or to make black.”

    Is that how you choose to disparage an idea?

  2. Here is a more complete definition of denigrate: To criticise so as to besmirch; traduce, disparage or defame. To treat as worthless; belittle, degrade or disparage. (rare) To blacken.

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