Creative writing introduced at summer schools

news release

The Young Journalist organization is pleased to inform you that it has introduced a creative writing curriculum at two elementary schools in Indian River County, FL.  The Young Journalist is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit initiative.

Summer schools are held at Liberty and Rosewood Magnet elementary.  61 students are enrolled in the classes, writing a creative story, and drawing pictures to illustrate it.

Rosewood School Creative Writing class

The creative writing curriculum was developed especially for the six weeks of classes.  It explains creative writing (to include poems and comics), offers examples, and includes biographies of Robert McCloskey, Robert Frost, Maurice Sendack, and Maya Angelou.  It emphasizes the use of a semi-colon and correct usage of “I,” “Me,” “Who,” and “Whom.”

To date, since 2018, with six students at one elementary school, the organization has mentored over 246 third, fourth and fifth graders and published ten magazines of the student’s “scholarly articles.” In 2019 the Program was recognized by The Society of Professional Journalists, the oldest organization representing journalists in the United States, established in 1909.

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