Don’t let bygones be bygones

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It is truly sad to see the icons of a bygone era treated with such disrespect.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, has been made into five bad movies.

Remember the African Queen? It was made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Kathryn Hepburn. Now it takes tourists around the Florida Keys.

They made the Lone Ranger into a movie that bombed at the box office. It bombed for two reasons, it was not a good movie and the average moviegoer has no idea who the Lone Ranger was. They know Batman and Superman because they are still active characters. The Lone Ranger went out with Howdy Doody.

Really, the movie was an insult, casting a Caribbean pirate as Tonto when the original Tonto was a real Indian. And the Lone Ranger himself was played by someone named Armie Hammer, who is famous because his name sounds like Arm & Hammer baking soda. Or is it like Armand Hammer, the founder of Occidental Petroleum. Couldn’t he come up with a more original name like Clayton Moore, the real Lone Ranger?

Then there’s Roy Rogers, another icon of a bygone era. Recently the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, Missouri closed its doors forever. That museum was the Graceland of cowboys. Of course, it survived all these years because most people who went to Branson had vivid childhood memories of Roy. That generation now drives golf carts instead of Pontiacs, an iconic car brand that also closed its doors forever.

But Roy might have been pleased that his 64 Pontiac Bonneville sold for $254 grand. Nellybelle went for $116 grand and if you have to ask, you don’t care. Roy would not be pleased to know Trigger sold for $266,000. Yes, that’s Roy’s horse, long dead and stuffed for exhibit. Is there no respect for the dead? By the way, Trigger won an Oscar for his role in a Bob Hope movie, Son of Paleface. How much do you think a stuffed Bob Hope would bring at auction?

I wonder how much the icons of a bygone era in Vero Beach will sell for. You know, Crestlawn cemetery, the police cars, the marina, city hall? We already know what Vero Electric will sell for. We knew that before anyone could even bid on it.

We just have to deal with the fact that the people who made these icons what they were, aren’t around anymore. Instead, their legacies are in the hands of people who, in the immortal words of Clark Gable, frankly my dear, don’t give a damn.


  1. I agree with you Art. One heck of an article by Milt, the master of words.And, I agree with you Milt…..most people in the area are low information voters and therefore, they don’t give a damn. ,

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