Update: Frost says he is living in garage apartment at his father’s house in District 1

…while his family continues to live in a home in District 3

Editor’s Note: In advance of qualifying to run as a candidate to represent District 1 on the Indian River County School Board, Shawn Frost went to the Suprevisor of Elections’ office May 5, changing his address to 6700 77th Street, where he claims to be living above the garage in a home owned by his father. All the while, Frost’s wife, from whom he says he is not estranged, and their children continue to live in a home he owns located in District 3. Voters will have to decide for themselves whether Frost is complying with both the spirit and the letter of Florida’s election laws. By law, he must have established legal residency in District 1 as of June 20, 2014.  The facts are that Frost is, he says, living above the garage in a home his father owns in District 1, while his wife and children continue to live in a home he owns located in District 3.


Shawn Frost
Shawn Frost

District 1 School Board candidate, Shawn Frost, who is competing against Karen Disney-Brombach in the upcoming August 26 election, is claiming to have established legal residency in District 1 by moving into living space above the garage in a home his father owns located at 6700 77th Street. Frost said today his wife and children continue to live in a home located in District 3.

Late this afternoon, Frost explained that in order to be helpful to his father, he is now living at 6700 77th Street. “I live above the garage and help my dad with barn chores, his health challenges, and the care of 35 acres of ranch land,” Frost wrote.

“We chose not to uproot my wife and kids and probably won’t move them until the Christmas break. We will all live in district 1, so as to be in compliance with elections laws and to finally return to being whole as a family,” Frost added.

Frost also acknowledged that he looked into whether he would need to continue to live in District 1, if elected. “Yes,” he wrote, “I checked with Leslie Swan, which is why I instructed our Realtor to narrow the house search to district 1 so that we would be in compliance throughout the process.”

According to public records from the Property Appraiser’s office, Frost owns a residence located in District 3, where he says his wife, Renee, and their two children continue to live.

However, that address is not in District 1. It is in District 3. When he filed as a candidate for the Indian River County School Board with the Supervisor of Elections, Frost gave his residence address as 6700 77th Street. That property is owned by his father, Donald Frost. (Also below).

To qualify as a candidate for School Board, a candidate must be a legal resident of the district in which they are running as of the qualifying date of June 16-20, 2014.

Earlier this year, Frost filed as a candidate for County Commission in a different district, but withdrew soon afterwards. Then he refiled as a candidate for School Board in District 1.


donald frost RecordCard


  1. Looks like Frost may have attended The Wilson School of Logic. If so, he should not have listened to the Professor OF Baloney.

  2. “Voting with your feet” appears to be a new concept. With what appears to be a growing proliferation of “voting with your feet” we are reaching the danger zone. Is it now possible for snowbirds who have homes not in Florida to use elective office for their own ego gratification?

  3. Did he change his voter registration – mail – driver’s license? And anything else–insurance, etc. There is a whiff of Charlie – sorry – CHARLES Wilson in the air with this.

  4. Jeannette, We will check with the Supervisor of Elections tomorrow. I know that Diane George has filed a complaint with the State division of elections in connection with Charlie Wilson having switched his voter registration to 2134 18th Avenue on 8/21/14.

    It would be one thing for Shawn to begin spending nights at his fathers home in order to be, as he put it, the “dutiful son.” But if at the same time Shawn also switched his voter registration to that address, while his wife and children continued living at a different address, then it is hard to see his move as anything other than a all-too-clever attempt to meet the residents requirement to run for the School Board in District 1.

  5. Anything that rids us of Ms. Disney-Brombach is a good thing and this publication as usual is a loose cannon with no objectivity. It’s better for the voters, parents, and taxpayers to be free of her largesse. Just like the Vero Electric sale Mr. Schumann has again shown he has no sense of direction, no ability to separate news and op-ed, and no ability to communicate to the average voter or reader any clear facts on the issues. I for one am very glad to see her majesty out of the school administration. Perhaps she can get a job at Subway because shes not qualified for much else.

  6. John, at least since I have known you, you have been critical of everyone, including me, who has had a working relationship with you, and that list includes Vero Beach 32963, the Press Journal and the Newsweekly.

  7. I don’t understand the John Wallace comment about the public being free of Karen Disney-Bromach’s “largesse.” This is not an appropriate description of a five person school board that routinely acts with consideration of the fiscal restraints that they have to operate in despite increasing demands in public education. While it is true that Karen Disney-Brombach and her colleagues recommended a slight millage increase, the voters supported that obviously needed initiative.

    Also, Indian RIver County is not alone in needing additional funds. The school board in Brevard County made the same recommendation for a slight increase in the millage rate. Unfortunately, the voters failed to give their support.

    By attempting to demean the qualifications of Karen Disney-Brombach, he has demonstrated that he has no factual basis for his hostility.

    There is a strong case that Shawn Frost did indeed engage in voter fraud so there is a high probability that he will not serve on the school board. indian River County is keeping the Florida Department of Law Enforcement active. They are now dealing with three cases of voter fraud just in Indian River County.

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