Frost’s residency qualifications should be reviewed by the courts



Shawn Frost
Shawn Frost
Karen Disney-Brombach
Karen Disney-Brombach

Shawn Frost, who won the District 1 School Board seat in Tuesday’s primary, defeating incumbent Karen Disney-Brombach with considerable help from the Florida Federation for Children and the American Federation for Children, claims to have established “legal” residency in District 1 by moving into living space above the garage in his father’s home just weeks before the June 20 qualifying deadline. (See: Frost says he is living in garage apartment at his father’s house in District 1)

All the while, Frost’s wife, to whom he says he remains happily married, and their children, continue to live in Frost’s homesteaded property in District 3.

It was reported late today that Brombach’s husband filed an elections complaint Monday alleging a residency violation by Frost.

Frost’s well-heeled state and national supporters will surely argue the courts should not overturn the will of Indian River County voters.  They have a fractional point.  Fifty-four percent of 16 percent of Indian River County’s registered voters – or approximately 1/11th – gave Frost their support in Tuesday’s election.

The larger point, though, is that Frost seems to be attempting to overturn the will of the Florida Legislature, which, presumably for good and sound reasons has provided for district representation for the state’s county school boards.

If the requirement that school board candidates establish legal residency in the district they seek to serve is to be dismissed and unenforced, then the residency requirement should be stricken from the books. So long as district representation is the law of the state, it should be honored. Frost seems to be skirting his way around that law – not exactly a shining example for Indian River County’s schoolchildren.


  1. It seems that Mr. Frost’s change of residency is skirting the laws. It just doesn’t seem honest.

  2. Amen! No one who seeks elective office should be allowed to serve if they are not be in full compliiance with all the applicable laws.

  3. Unbelievable. Makes you wonder what other laws he plans on circumventing. Perhaps the county appraiser should be advised as well, since he seems to have given up his homestead on his property if it is not his full time residence.

  4. If he has actually committed to moving to district 1, is there a “For Sale” sign on his district 3 house ?

  5. I’ve lived on the same street as the Frosts for years, and as of last night, he and his family were all living in their house on 38th Avenue!

  6. The question of Mr. Frost’s residency is unsettling, but even worse is that 16% of this county’s registered voters are controlling the outcome of Primary Election – some results of which are “final”.

  7. I assume Mr. Frost had a victory celebration where all his friends, relatives and supporters gathered to watch the election returns and congratulte him on his victory. Wonder how theyl fit in at the small apartment over his father’s garage?

  8. I don’t think we have heard the last of this issue .Some people will stoop to any level to get elected. Where did Frosty claim to live when he wanted to run against Joe Flescher?

  9. Frost is digging a deep hole for himself. If Frost can remain on the board his stay in office will be tainted and he will never be trusted. I do not see him ever moving up to another office since he gained the board seat under cloudy circumstances. Win or lose he has sunk himself.

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