Who’s that knocking on your door? All Aboard Florida? Nevermore.



Lynne Larkin
Lynne Larkin

Such an odd early Halloween we’re having. A group of merry tricksters was out walking neighborhoods last week. Along with Pilar Turner and Harry Howle [candidates for Vero Beach City Council] were Glen Heran [no surprise – Turner’s been carrying his FPL treat bag for years], Jackie Solari [the FPL team has its genesis with the Solaris], and the last member Matt Mohler, the paid representative here in our area for All Aboard Florida high-speed rail.

Well, it’s all coming clear. No matter about actually doing the right things for the City, this gang is all about doing for FPL and AAF. Money talks, the candidates walk.

When speaking about big money groups getting what they want, they know how to do it, as has been seen. Turner, Carroll and Fletcher were all dyed-in-the-wool FPL people, start to finish. Seems they’ve come up with another pipe of money for developers through the money train. If you want a stop on the rail service, you need a big population. For big populations, you need to grow like West Palm Beach has done, in an out-of-control spread from ocean to the River of Grass.

Quality of life is about what we have right now, and about not being frightened into – BOOO!! – believing we can preserve that lifestyle while paving paradise. Or believing that we have to shoot ourselves in both feet to get lower electric rates.

The trick is, many people are seeing through the ghostly promises of Big Treats if we continue to believe it will be possible to break the contracts the City has with its former partners at the municipal power group where it had done business these many years. Perhaps another trick is blaming the City for not trying hard enough to break those contracts.

Our neighbors in the Indian River Shores government seem to feel that suing the City, while monetarily supporting Howle and Turner, is the answer. Either the “elite” attorney they hired did not do his due diligence research, or he is ignoring legal precedent.
The Truth: The City already sued the FMPA to get out of its contracts. Yes, the City spent millions on experts and legal fees to get out of those same contracts. In 2003-2004, the City engaged in the legal battle to try what everyone now is claiming is “the only answer” to selling our utility to FPL. It was a long, hard-fought and closely decided case, but in the end two of the three judges sitting on the arbitration panel sided with FMPA.

Surprised? The surprise is nobody seems to bring that up. Well, the current City Manager was not here at that time. Nor was the Planning Director. Nor many of the Turner-Howle club, and if they were, they are keeping mum, too.

The grey eminence of Indian River Shores may not have been paying attention, quite frankly, since at the time there was no Feheranty riling up indignation over rates. But now that eminence is hard at work manipulating and pulling the strings so Shores tax money can be spent [wasted] on another sure-to-fail lawsuit. Did someone mention zombies? Those who aren’t the walking dead take note – it didn’t work ten years ago, it sure isn’t going to work now.

Follow the zombies this Halloween, or follow the quality-of-living humans to real-life answers for our City – Your votes will decide. “All aboard !!!!!”


  1. years ago and within my lifetime , the fec had dual tracks from Miami to Jacksonville. why should we taxpayers pay for that rail once again to be rebuilt? let alone fund the costly trip from Miami to Orlando. you may either google the images of our old rr station and see the to tracks of whenever you go to mcdonalds at 1925 us1. look around for the three pictrures of the station and you will see the two tracks.

  2. Perhaps the double hurricanes of 2004 pushed aside any mention of this decision in our newspaper. It was all about blue tarps, generators, and getting the electric back on–which, I believe COVB did pretty well, all things considered.

  3. Great article Lynne. And, we should all remember that Turner’s utlimate goal is, and always has been, to “liberate” the land that the Power Plant and the Water & Sewer Plant sit on. It is becoming more and more obvious that a lot of the money that supports the Turner and Howle campaigns come form the development community who are the Toby HIll and Chuck Mechling Tea Party Developer gang. This is the same gang that has always been able to line the campaign pockets of their friend, Commissioner Bob Solari. It is all beginning to come together for the perfect storm if Turner and Howle get elected.

  4. How can any voter believe Pilar Turner when she says she is against All Aboard Florida Railroad then goes electioneering with the paid lobbyist from All Aboard Florida High Speed Rail. The same is true for Harry Howle who also was knocking on doors with the AAF Lobbyist.

  5. Funny thing happened tonight on the way home from work. Scenario….10:12 p.m. and I am stopped at US 1 and 23rd street…train going through…very long AND very slow…gates go up..it is 10:21 p.m. It took 9 minutes for that train to go through…maybe not a long time for some people…but VERY long for an ambulance with a heart attack patient or someone who has just been in a car accident. Sooo..I finally get home and whamooo… 10:35 p.m. and I hear the train whistle blow again. Just 14 minutes later there is another train going through town. and this is just the beginning!!! TOT…Turn Off Turner!

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