Editorial: Don’t edit facts on Planned Parenthood investigation


It is bad enough that Gov. Rick Scott launched an unnecessary investigation into Planned Parenthood for procedures the organization doesn’t perform in Florida. It is even worse that the governor’s office misrepresented the results of the politically motivated investigation to the public. Medical care should be above politics, and the governor should not sacrifice women’s health for his personal agenda.

The Tampa Bay Times’ Michael Auslen reported on Thursday that Scott’s office carefully edited the public statements that were delivered by the Agency for Health Care Administration regarding its investigation into Florida’s Planned Parenthood clinics. Continue reading…


  1. It is as if they are all blind and are trying to describe something that they have never seen and couldn’t if they tried. They are “the blind leading the blind”!

  2. Thank you for giving the dishonesty of those who do not support Planned Parenthood the attention that it deserves.

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