Marco Rubio, and on-again, off-again champion of limited government


Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio casts himself as a champion of limited government and in a new campaign ad even depicts himself as a warrior against special interests.

But on issues including sugar subsidies, online gambling, spending on military contractors, telecom regulations, and taxpayer support to scandal-plagued for-profit colleges, Rubio has backed a sweeping and costly role for the federal government.

What is it about those issues that gets Rubio to act against his stated small-government principles? They’re all associated with powerful political donors Rubio has carefully cultivated over the years. Continue reading…


  1. Isn’t this also the clown who said his family fled Cuba because of Castro? Only to find out they emigrated years before Castro over threw the government. Let’s just say he either is not good at history or the made up story was better for his campaign.

  2. Rubio, 44, is exactly as Gov. Chris Christie describes him: carefully managed and tightly scripted – “a boy in a bubble.”

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